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NAD3 (Fountain of Youth)

4.83 (948 Reviews)
  • Improve Cellular Efficiency by Restoring Degrading Cellular Properties

  • Improve Metabolism, Brain Function, and Cardiovascular Health.

  • Feel A Lot More Energized, Focused, & Positive.

  • 100% Natural & Safe. Made in the USA

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Other Ingredients: Microcrystalline Cellulose, Hypromellose (Vegetarian Capsule)

Our Customers And Their
Experience With NAD3

NAD3 enhances cognitive performance, awakens the sensory systems, and changes your “average” feeling of how you live your life. Not to mention, this product reduces inflammation, is anti-aging, and and provides holistic health benefits.

My first order for HPN NAD+ was a miracle and worked enormously well in about a week or less. Then I could no longer find it on Amazon so I tried 3 other brands and got no increase just a maintenance effect. Then I found HPN again and tried NAD3 and it is as effective as the first HPN NAD+ product. I’m once again amazed at how effective it is for me.

I have tried other niacin products and couldn’t tell any difference. With NAD3 there’s a definite difference. A lot of people in their 50’s complain of aging related discomfort, aches and pains, loss of energy, wrinkles. I am happy to say that with NAD3 as part of my life I have very little to complain about! It’s the best I have found.

NAD 3 is the best. I have been taking it for at least 3 years and feel more energized, in a better mood and with what seems to be a bolstered immune system. Wouldn’t be without it.

I’ve taken HPN Niagen for a few years now - as a martial artist it is indispensable.